Warm greetings from Ekam!

Enlightenment Festival has been the most sacred pilgrimage undertaken by humanity ever.

Your consciousness has been imprinted with various states of enlightenment. It has been sown with five different seeds of enlightenment.

These seeds of enlightenment will continue to thrive in you, as you reconnect to the three fold forces of Ekam, the Golden Orb that represents the power of Universal Intelligence & The Limitless Field.

Everyday feel as if you are walking up the steps of Ekam with the Mukti sankalpa, sacred intention for enlightenment, in your heart.

“ May I be enlightened

May I serve in the enlightenment of humanity.”

With this you connect to the power of Ekam.

Settle down, see the golden orb. Golden Orb is the sacred manifestation of the universal intelligence. see the form of the divine you connect most. Receive the Deeksha for the seeds of enlightenment to grow within you.

Thus, you connect to the power of The universal intelligence.

Then reconnect to your experience of entering the Limitless Field with Krishnaji and Preethaji by Chanting Hamsa Soham Ekam for 18 times. Lie down in shavasan or sit in a relaxed pose and simply be for 5 minutes in that state…

Thus you reconnect to the power of the Limitless field from Preethaji and Krishnaji.

Thus The Three Fold powers will continue to impact your consciousness.

Do this practice everyday either before or during sunrise, or around mid-noon or around sunset or around midnight.

These are the 4 cardinal times when the body’s circadian rhythm is best aligned to nurture the seeds of enlightenment sown in your consciousness.


You could stay connected to your experience of enlightenment you have had at Ekam Enlightenment Festival and celebrate the spirit of enlightenment by listening to the blessing chant exclusively made available in Breathing Room App.

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For more info, kindly write to info@ekam.org