Here meditation is a happening. Process is a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Awakening states or Mukti is a happening. 

For the serious seekers who stay overnight on our campuses:

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11:30 am -12:30 pm

Cleansing your energy body or the light body for awakening to states of oneness.

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4:00pm - 5:00pm

For experiencing enlightened states of consciousness.

Ekam Retreat seekers should reach their respective campus where they register for stay by – latest 7:00 pm check-in & can leave latest by 6:00 pm check-out (no dinner).

Upasana means sitting in the proximity of the divine, being in a space where there is no separation. It also means an inward immersion.

Every day of the week Upasana at Ekam is a different process and an awakening to a greater transcendental state and a dissolution of the divide between you and the other, between you and the universe, and between you and the divine. Entrance into Upasana only for participants who sign up for ekam retreat and stay overnight on our campuses.

    • Guidance for the Upasana will be given on the middle floor of Ekam and is a must for you before you enter the sanctum.
    • The general medium of instruction at Ekam will be English. If you prefer to listen to the guidelines for siddhi and Upasana in other languages (Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Chinese, Russian) you will be required to use the headphones specially provided to you. We respect your needs and intend to give you a world-class experience at Ekam.
    • Please use the equipment with care and return them before you leave. Any damage to the equipment or loss of equipment will necessitate you to pay rupees 3,000.
    • Please be patient with us for we are doing our best to increase the number of languages available for you to follow at Ekam.
    • If during upasana you have cough or sneezes please leave the sanctum of Ekam to prevent disturbance to others who may be in deep states of Transcendence
    • Cell phones must be left in silent mode and left in the ground floor of Ekam along with your hand bag and foot wear.
    • Please be at the venue an hour before time to make it into the Siddhi / Upasana. You may miss the opportunity to enter into Ekam otherwise.