The purpose of our courses is to create you into a Buddha who is driving a Benz with loved ones. On these inner journeys, you will awaken inwardly to an extraordinary consciousness and outwardly manifest a life of great abundance and love.

Ekam Leadership Festival

A festival for the Millennials. 7 days of spiritual adventure to break free of fear driven samskaras & vasanas, and awaken to leadership for a new age of Oneness

Ekam Circle Trainning

Be healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually by the power of universal intelligence, love, and meditation at ekam circles.

Ekam World Peace Festival

Over a million people come together from 100 nations of the world for world peace.

Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Experience the ultimate human potential at Ekam, celebrate & honour the true spirit of enlightenment or awakening.

Ekam Retreats

Here Beautiful States are a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Mental peace is a happening. Here grace overpowers fate.

Ekam Abundance Festival

Purify deep seated Poisons from your consciousness that cause scarcity & receive the gift of 28 transcendental treasures for a life of true abundance.