Four Sacred Secrets Course


Four Sacred Secrets Course focuses on the divine science of transformation and finding spiritual solutions to crucial problems in life such as Parenting, Spousal relationships, Conscious leadership, Creative Wealth creation & finally War against oneself. Whether you are a young person or a seeker, a parent or a leader, single or a couple – this inner adventure will transform your life for ever.

Sri Preethaji, a mystic, a world renowned philosopher and Co-creator of Ekam, would lead us into a journey of Mystic meditations, ancient Hindu wisdom & modern understanding of Neuro science to awaken us to the Transcendent power of consciousness. Sri Preethaji brings her world renowned course now to India for the time first time ever.
Many major cities of the world await her deeply transformative journeys.

Four Sacred Secrets Courses Dates (2020 – 2021) Details & Registration

Dates will be updated soon…