Happy Hearts Fest is Lokaa’s vision to connect young spirits from across the world, joining hands in the unique concept of creating sustainable villages. They come together in a beautiful state of consciousness pooling in their creativity, their skill and passion to create an impression in the consciousness of the village.

Sustainable village is a community of people who live with an awareness of the interactive relationship we share with each other, with nature, with Mother Earth and with all life. From this awareness, they go about creating a beautiful environment for each other that promotes physical, cultural, economical, emotional and spiritual health.

Each takes the responsibility of providing/creating a rich experience of life to the other, to their families, to the community at large.

A sustainable village has all the necessary conditions to live in community, respecting the environment, traditions, education, respecting the people and its values, and where every person is really involved in the local improvement of the social aspects and most importantly a beautiful state of consciousness.

There is a strong sense of community for everyone is united in the vision of living beautiful and supporting each other in being beautiful.

Creation of a sustainable village has 2 facets to it – a beautiful community and a beautiful state of consciousness. The external which stands on the foundation of an internal state. Only when the village of people are educated in living from a beautiful state of consciousness any growth, development can be sustained. Otherwise at best we can achieve to reform the village but not transform their consciousness that sustains a rich quality of life.

On the external we focus on educating the families and every individual on

    • Physical hygiene
    • Providing clean water that is free of fluoride,
    • Having right diet rich in omega3,
    • Fat and protein promoting brain health,
    • Toilets for better health as well as privacy for girl children and women,
    • Intelligent  farming that meets the requirement of the village,
    • Educating the children,
    • Providing employment along with honing their skills and talent,
    • Beautiful surroundings rich with greenery,
    • Safe housing,
    • Roads and electricity.

On the consciousness front, there is an education and an awareness brought to living from a beautiful state of calm, connection with their families, neighbours and the community, and the interconnection of all life. Only when lived from a beautiful state do you love the other, nature and life. It is love and connection for the community, for Mother Earth and nature that makes you participate in creating a sustainable village/community for oneself and for your people.