World village is a charitable initiative founded by Lokaa Foundation. It is Lokaa’s vision to create 5 model world villages around Ekam Kshetra and she wants to create world citizens out of the children of these villages – Children who are not limited by caste, creed, class. Children who will grow with an awareness of interconnection with nature.

Children who are self-aware and happy and can walk out of their negative emotions when they arise, children who relish relationships and children who can blend with both the modern world and with the natural world. That is Lokaa’s vision. It is also her vision to create infrastructure in these 5 model villages such that these villages become self-sustaining, organic and healthy village communities.

Lokaa foundation’s village is to showcase these 5 villages to the Indian government so that foundation can partner with the government and take up creating many more of such villages. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are supporting their daughter in this mission.

The first village that was chosen was Santoshpuram. Santoshpuram earlier was called as Santosh colony. Colony is a typical name used to denote a group of settlers who belong to the tribal communities and the tribal caste.
Lokaa’s first move was to change the name of the village from colony to Puram. Puram means a village, a township. To disassociate them from the caste based name identification.


At Santoshpuram the work began with the children first. Awakening in them a connection to the earth, the forest that surrounds them, of the hills and their goats. Lokaa and her team took these children on long walks until they began to identify themselves as protectors of the forest. Trees were planted near their homes on either side of the village road. Every child named their tree after themselves. And till date they care for their tree as if they care for their own bodies. With children as the key influencers the development of the world village moved to the next stage.


Another monstrous challenge that rural India suffers is the curse of social discrimination in the name of caste. And these people belonging to the lowest rung of the caste system are ready targets of exploitation. For centuries they lacked will. They have no will to fight back, no will to excel, no will to succeed or no will to make a difference to themselves or others. Their courage is broken with ages of oppression.

Lokaa foundation’s mission was to win the trust of the whole village and to make them conscious of their dignity as equal children of mother earth. One after the other, the elders emerged out of their shells in Santoshpuram . We saw the first sign of this awakening when this village organized and celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, a colorful Indian festival. They had for ever been mute witnesses to this celebration organized by the upper castes in the neighboring villages. This was a major break away from the oppressive, undignified tradition. Over a period of time now, we have made the villagers an integral part of the planning of the sustainable development of their village. They have found their voice.


The third major milestone was to awaken the villagers to greater connection with their neighbors. Lokaa’s team chose individuals who were wiser and opened their hearts to greater compassion and feeling of family.

These People were equipped with special skills necessary for the emergency requirements of the village. Some of them were trained in CPR and emergency medical care. With this newly acquired skill they have saved many puppies, goats and cows from snake bites and even villagers who casually choked on their food.


Lokaa foundation has created a beautiful community hall with broadband internet connection for children to be connected to the rest of the world and to learn from educators from across the world. For the village to have their celebrations, their weddings, their birthdays, their festivals, for the village to meditate together, and for the village women to have their vocational trainings. So the community hall acts as the fulcrum of the entire village.

Along with the villagers Lokaa’s team has also created a community organic farm where every member of the village works in the farm and the produce is distributed collectively to the entire village.
Every family has also being contributed with a Gir cow, two hens and some goats. So the family is self- sufficient and the villagers can live off the milk selling the extra milk of the cows.

At one end of the village is a giant tree around which the villagers come together to perform their cultural dances – the pundari bhajan. the other end of the village is the community barn where all the animals of the village are housed.


The homes in these remote villages consisted of 3 to 4 feet walls made of loosely packed mud and stones & plastic sheets and dried leaves for roof, making it extremely difficult to live, especially during the rainy season. Lokaa Foundation designed the entire village of Santoshpuram from the scratch by providing roads, groundwater harvesting facility for each home, proper drainage system, by building new concrete homes for each family of the village with attached bath and toilet, verandas for the families to sit and spend time together and proper drainage system for every home.


The foundation also sponsors school supplies, school tuition fees for most of the children for the academic year. We welcome volunteers who could teach english, math, music, dance, arts and crafts, calligraphy, sports, computer or any other skills online.


Lokaa Foundation conducts regular skill development programs especially to the women and young people of the villages. They are given vocational training like tailoring, embroidery, bangle making, bag making, jwellery designing, homemade food products. These trainings are aimed at crating additional earnings for the women right at their homes.


Lokaa Foundation also conducts free medical camps and offers free medicines.


You can contribute to building a home –

If you are interested in building a home for one of the families in the village please approach us. (Ph.No.)

You can provide education –

You can sponsor school supplies and tuition fees, for one child or many children for the academic year. (Ph.No.)

You can aid in healing –

If you are a doctor or a specialist in any field you are welcome to offer your services and medical supply to these villagers. (Ph.No.)

You can share your expertise –

If you are interested in volunteering then you could join us in the Happy Hearts Fest. You could even contribute through your teaching skills in any subject that you are adept at.
If you are skilled in any vocational training you could offer your vocational trainings too. (Ph.No.)

Santoshpuram is the very first world village that has been established and the foundation hopes to replicate the same in 4 other villages in the coming years. We invite you in participating in the new model of development which is “HUMAN BEING FIRST, INFRASTRUCTURE NEXT”

In this new model lies the future of our earth. We call for all people who are engaged with development work at any level, who are passionate about nurturing and bringing about a difference in these villages to step forward.

Developing a village or a community without transforming their consciousness will only recreate their old problems in new ways.  Cultivating a joyful, connected and courageous state of being is at the heart of our mission of world village project.

– Lokaa