Dear friend

How are you? It is long since we connected. Are you, your family and loved ones well? Our hearts have been with everyone of you through the past months of chaos.

In response to the requests from numerous participants from the Field of Abundance, Sri Preethaji has decided to re-connect exclusively with the Field of Abundance participants, through a specially designed wisdom and meditation experience.
This hour- long RECONNECTION EXPERIENCE with Sri Preethaji will contain

  1. powerful wisdom to help you navigate these turbulent times with calm courage,
  2. a mystic meditation to cut through obstacles and a blessing for greater opportunities and abundance to flow into your life.
  3. listening and understanding how some of our fellow participants are tiding over their health, emotional and financial challenges from a beautiful state of consciousness.

What better way to take your FIeld Of Abundance journey deeper than this mystic experience with Sri Preethaji

Date: 10th October 2020
Time: 6pm IST
Meeting ID: 892 6912 3220
Passcode: 087654

Looking forward to seeing you at this.

Faculty, Ekam