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with Sri Preethaji

MANIFEST is a mystic process that brings miracles from the realm of possibility into the world of reality.


You awaken to love abundance in family

You connect to the universal intelligence and conquer challenges.

You transcend obstacles and open up to new beginnings in life.

You receive the gift of healing and vitality.

Your consciousness opens to an abundance of wealth.

You open yourself to intelligence and leadership.

About Sri Preethaji

Manifest will be led by Sri Preethaji who is a mystic philosopher. She has impacted organizations, individuals, and families all over the world. With her wisdom and the power of her consciousness she has mentored numerous leaders.

Her wisdom is the perfect convergence between the two worlds, the worldly and the spiritual, the scientific and transcendental, the intellect and the heart. She is a dedicated mother, a loving wife, a spiritual mentor, and a teacher of modern spirituality. Learn how to live a beautiful life from Sri Preethaji.


In Manifest, your Mind, Body, and Consciousness will be healed.

You will recognize destructive patterns in your life so you can easily flow with life.

You will undergo deep meditative practices to free yourself from negative emotional states.

You will be led through liberative insights and learn the way to reach beautiful states.

You will be led through powerful mystic processes which activate the neurons of your heart and brain for a life of new beginnings.

What is the core of the Manifest Journey?

Beyond the mind into the field of consciousness, to manifest a choice of destiny.