Dear Ekam Peacemakers & Peace Energy Point Holders,

We are happy to announce to you that we have crossed 20000 peacemakers this year. This year the festival is even big, grand and large than the last year. We have a lots of schools and universities, digital and cable satellite channels joined to host Peace Energy Points and stream the Live meditations from Ekam.

Kindly find below the instruction manual with all the details required for you to experience the Ekam World Peace Festival Live from Ekam. Take time and read them. It is important you bring attention to the details.

To Experience the Peace Meditations, all you need to do is –

  1. Sit in a quiet place. (You may invite your family and friends to join the meditation).
  2. Light the peace candle / peace lamp.
  3. Login to the live stream (you will find the links to the different languages stream from the above stream).
  4. Join from 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm Indian Standard Time everyday from Sep 12 to 21, 2019.
  5. On Sep 22, 2019 – you may join at 12:30 pm or  04:00 pm or 10:00 pm Indian Standard Time.

Peace Energy point Holders can find the materials they can print to have at the live event at their location from here:

Peace Energy Point Holders can share the pictures and videos taken from your phone or a good camera of the Ekam Peace meditations live stream at your peace energy point with us and we will be happy to receive & share them on our social channels.

Also if you could gather the contact details of the participants who gather at your place (Name, Email, Mobile Number, City, Country) we will be happy to add them as part of our peace community and share with them our exclusive peace meditations done by the Preethaji, Founder of O&O Academy. Here is a format below for you to use to gather the information of those who are willing to receive the exclusive meditations from O&O Academy.

First name Email Mobile Number City Country

Peace Energy point Holders can find the materials they can print to have at the live event at their location from here:

Peace Energy Point Holders may order for The Four Sacred Secret book from the below link – if they want to gift or sell to the people who will come to meditate at their energy point:

Practical minimal set up required to live stream the live session:

Do take this time to check your internet connection and how the stream works at your end.

Here are the requirements for you to have a wonderful livestream experience:

  1. A good laptop to project the stream to projector or a TV display
  2. Projector or a TV display
  3. Audio system (for good quality experience of music and meditations).
  4. Minimum 2-4 Mbps internet connectivity.

Every day we will live stream the peace festival from Ekam sanctum. All peacemakers can join from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Indian standard time. You will receive the link to join the livestream on your register email ID.

Every peacemaker is going to make a difference to the world these 11 days. As you close your eyes, connect with Ekam, wherever you are – sitting at the heart of Ekam or sitting in your homes, surrounded by your family members and friends; you are going to be a positive force that diffuses the negativity and violence, hate and rage that plagues human consciousness. Your consciousness will awaken to a beautiful state of peace which will be amplified by the power of Ekam and radiate into the world.

During the Ekam World peace festival, we will hold 10 peace intentions. You will undergo special processes where each day is dedicated for a specific intention to bring forth piece into various aspects of the world. For every intention taken, the Peace Holder will be blessed with a unique blessing for them self.

Sep 12: For Greater harmony in the world & Ending of all war

On September 12 we will be opening the peace festival with peace meditation for ending of all wars in the world. We will hold a sacred intention for the physical and emotional pain caused by wars to several millions of people across the world to be healed. We will hold a heartfelt intention for great harmony and peace to grow between different communities, races, clans and nations.

That day you will receive a blessing where the universal intelligence will flow through you and resolve the generational hate that have been passed on to you by your ancestors and this generational hate would end in you and will not be passed on to your children and their children and this would be your greatest gift to them and to the world to a beautiful and peaceful future.

That is how the opening of the peace festival would happen.

Sep 13: For Sensitivity towards children & Violence against children to cease

On September 13, it would be to bring peace to the children of the world. We will bless all the children in our family to live peacefully and a beautiful life; to be healed of any disturbing or emotionally painful experience they might have gone through in their life.

We will also bless all the children in the world, who have been victims of abuse and violence. Children who have been deprived of a safe home and food, children who have been victims of worse, terrorism a natural calamity. The result of this peace meditation would be that our own children would receive the blessings of a wonderful life.

Sep 14: For Sacredness towards nature & Violence against nature to cease

On September 14 – the third day of the peace festival is to bring peace to nature. This day we dedicate our self to awakening human consciousness to nurturing sacredness for nature and moving away from exploitation. The resultant blessing of this peace meditation would be that our homes would be flooded with positive energy. Preethaji and Krishnaji feel deep sadness for what is happening to the Amazon rainforest and we will all be collectively praying every day of the peace festival for the Amazon forest to be saved and for nature to receive peace from human beings and not violence anymore.

Sep 15: For Calm in young people & Violence in the minds of young people to cease

On September 15 the fourth day of the peace festival we would bring peace in the minds of young people. This day is dedicated to nurturing peace in the minds of young people of the world. It just eliminates violence from the minds of the young couple. That day over 100 educational institutions which students of around 2000 to 3000 will be participating in the peace meditations and they will be meditating and over 2000 students would be sitting at a come sanctum and will be meditating for peace. On this day Krishnaji will be personally leading you to an extraordinary destiny, as these young people at the potential leaders who can defined the course of future of the planet. The great blessing you will receive if you participate with dedication on that day will be that young people in your life your family will be blessed with a beautiful life.

Sep 16: For greater religious harmony & Religious intolerance to cease

On the fifth day the September 16 we would be doing peace meditation for ending religious intolerance. This day is dedicated to ending religious intolerance in the world and receiving blessing for awakening to create a connection with the universal intelligence. Let us free ourselves from the shackles of these limiting ideas on God on religions and realize a true identity as one humanity. As you awaken to how many with all forms of religions and beliefs systems and radiate that piece into the world, you will receive enormous blessing to strengthen your connection with the universal intelligence.

Sep 17: For recognising the common humanity in us all & Racial discrimination to cease

On September 17, we will hold a peace intention for ending racial discrimination. This day is dedicated to promoting how many between people of all races on earth and ending racial discrimination. This is a state where division of every form sees us and believes me for compassion to arise. We will radiate the state of peace into the world for bringing how many between people of all colors and cultures, to live peacefully together as one humanity and care for each other. The great blessing you will receive when you participate on that day will be great respect and acceptance in your society.

Sep 18: For compassion towards animal & Cruelty against animals to cease

On September 18, we will be dedicating to bring these two animals. We dedicate our self to awaken compassion and human consciousness towards animals so they can be a global movement away from cruelty towards animals. And a great blessing you will receive is an awakening to compassion in your own hearts. As peacemakers let us receive the blessing that are you awaken to sensitivity to animals. Let us ask for compassion towards all animals that suffer because of human greed, ignorance and insensitivity. To be a peacemaker has a channel for peace on earth is one of the greatest blessings of life.

Sep 19: For families to become Peaceful & Domestic violence to cease

On September 19, we will be holding piece intention for anything domestic violence. The cessation of domestic violence is more necessary for world peace then you may imagine. Remember individual consciousness and world consciousness are inseparable. That day we will open our hearts to feel the pain of love lessness in the world and families and bless every family that it may live in peace. We will ask universal intelligence to awaken us to peace consciousness. This peace would flow through us and impact world consciousness impacting families.

Sep 20: For Sufficiency and Abundance for all & Economic exploitation to cease

On September 20, we will be holding a peace intention for ending economic exploitation. This day we dedicate ourselves to the sacred intention of manifesting a world where there is economic sufficiency. Let us direct the power of a collective meditation from Ekam to end economic exploitation on our planet. On this day you will receive the powerful blessing of financial abundance flowing into your own lives.

Sep 21: For respect towards Women & Violence against women to cease

On September 21, we will be holding a peace intention to bring peace to women. This day is dedicated to nurturing peace in world consciousness towards women. It is also a sacred day when you will receive blessings for peace in your life and in the lives of your partner, your daughters, your mothers, your women stuff and all the women who are a part of your life.

Preethaji will lead this day live from Ekam, bringing a new consciousness to the women of the world. It’s a very blessed day indeed.

Sep 22: Peace meditation for collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future

The last day, the culmination on September 22 will be peace intention for world peace. It will be the culmination day and the peace meditation that day will be for world peace and collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future. The blessing you will receive is for your spiritual evolution to its total awakening which we call a smoothie in India to be hastened. The total awakening can happen to us faster.

On the last day of the peace festival, we will have the immense blessing of entering The Limitless Field with Preethaji & Krishnaji and meditate for world peace.

That is the most momentous experience of the peace festival on that day you may invite your family members and friends to the last day event by holding a peace energy point. The timings for the last they are 12:30 PM, 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM India time. You will be receiving three Livestreams at three different times. Please make sure you make note of the timings.


Note: There is no preparation required to hold a peace energy point all that you need to do is to make sure you have a very good Internet connection is computer projector and the screen and a wonderful sound system to experience meditations from Ekam.


If you have any further questions, kindly write to